Peter Carlisle的美国探校日记(四)

这一期,七宝德怀特的升学指导Peter Carlisle老师将带你进入美国中西部的俄亥俄州,探访一系列文理学院:欧柏林学院、凯尼恩学院、伍斯特学院、丹尼森大学、俄亥俄卫斯理大学。

Ohio 俄亥俄州

Located in the heart of the Mid-West, Ohio has always been a significant contributor to American social, political, and economic life.  Over the years, Ohio has become increasingly diverse. As a major industrial hub in Automotive, Advanced Manufacturing, and Aerospace, Ohio has expanded into Tech, Bio Health, Information, and Finance sectors. This has spurred an urban renaissance in the state’s major cities of Columbus (the capital), Cleveland, and Cincinnati. As a result, Ohio-based students, including those at Oberlin, Keyon, College of Wooster, Denison, and Ohio Wesleyan, have experienced an increased number of job and internship opportunities, equal to those found in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. 



The city of Cleveland has a long history of entrepreneurship, which came to prominence in the 19th century, when John D. Rockefeller (the wealthiest man in Modern History), founded Standard Oil. Many of Cleveland’s grand civic buildings are products of Rockefeller’s business ventures. Located on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie, Cleveland is within driving distance to Oberlin (40 min.), College of Wooster (1 hr.), and Kenyon (2 hrs.), and hosts a number of cultural venues, including the Playhouse Square Theatre, the second largest performing arts center in the country, and the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.



Further west lies Columbus, the states capital and largest city, as well as a popular destination for college graduates and young professional from all over the country. New development is transforming the city into a Mid-Western Silicon Valley, with an increasing number of young graduates and professionals finding jobs at various start-ups and think-tanks. When craving an urban escape, students from Denison (39 min.) and Ohio Wesleyan (30 min.) Universities,travel a short distance to feast on foods from all over the world or enjoy the history of Old City. When traveling down Columbus’s Livingston Ave, there certainly a Mid-West meets Williamsburg, Brooklyn kind of feel, with artsy cafes, shops, and eateries. 




Oberlin College

@ 美国俄亥俄州欧柏林市

At Oberlin College, the average day may include sharing a coffee or meal with your professor. The willingness of Oberlin professors to spend “extra time” with students is renowned, and plays to the openness as well as collaborative nature of the colleges culture. For example, very few college museums would trust a student to rent an original drawing by Pablo Picasso for $5 a year. Oberlin is the exception to this rule. 



Our day at Oberlin started with an overview of the colleges conservatory, the only music school in the United States to seamlessly share a campus with a liberal arts college. As one of the most well-regarded undergraduate and post-graduate music schools in the country, students total approximately 580 with an advantageous student/faculty ratio of 6:1. The conservatory provides unparalleled opportunities to perform in a public arena with a combined total of 500 concerts over an academic year. 



Oberlin’s undergraduate enrollment sits at about 2, 800 students of which 180 complete a dual degree as a student in one of the three divisions of the liberal arts college and the music conservatory within 4.5 to 5 years. In the past students have completed dual degrees in Piano Performance and History, Violin and Environmental Studies, Neuroscience and Piano, as well as Composition and Computer Science. 



A fact that should not go unnoticed; Oberlin has seen more graduates go on to pursue PhD’s than any other undergraduate institution in the country. The reason? Oberlin’s curriculum starts building the foundation for research at a very early stage in a student’s career. The faculty mentoring and research program called STRONG (Science and Technology Research Opportunities for New Generations), has first year students arrived on campus a month before the academic year commences, to take part in paid research with professors.



What better place to “think big” than in a small town with all the amenities a student could need? The town of Oberlin is connected to the college by a grassy 13-acre  square, a place where students, faculty, and local residents enjoy picnicking, reading, or socializing during warmer months. The town’s Main Street is defined by 19th century brick storefronts, and thriving local businesses.  Listed as one of Ohio’s “Best Hometowns” for an amicable mix of historical architecture, artsy coffeehouses, restaurants, thrift shops, bookstores, galleries, and markets. Though in a rural area, the town of Oberlin is incredibly diverse, friendly, and safe.   


2018. 07.16


College of Wooster

@ 美国俄亥俄州伍斯特市

There is a good reason why the College of Wooster has been described as one of the “best kept secrets” in U.S. higher education. Loren Pope, author of Colleges That Change Lives, has testified that “there is no better college in the country. Its record is unmatched in turning out scientists, scholars, and other kinds of achievers and contributors to society.” There is a lot of evidence to support Pope’s praise. The colleges intense focus on research explains, in part, why the it ranks 11th in the country (ahead of a few Ivy League institutions) for graduates going on to become PhD holders. In addition, 94% of Wooster graduates are accepted into their top choice graduate school. If research is a passion of yours, look no further, the College of Wooster is the place to be. 

伍斯特学院是美国高等教育的未解之谜,《改变人生的大学》的作者Loren Pope曾盛赞它“首屈一指,在向社会输送科学家、学者和其他人才这点上,无人能出其右”。伍斯特学院对学术研究十分重视,这也解释了为什么伍斯特毕业生获得博士学位的人数在全美排名第11,超过一些常春藤名校。另外,94%的学生被自己的首选研究院录取。如果你一心想走学术研究道路,千万不要错过伍斯特学院。


The college’s Independent Study (IS) program is renowned across the nation as a true success story in education. From day one of their 4th year, Wooster students begin weekly hour long meetings with professors to craft a unique research paper topic, art exhibit or performance of their choice. Instead of dreading scale of the IS project, Wooster students embrace it. The IS serves as a capstone project that graduates look back on as an experience that helped jumpstart their career in Silicon Valley or led them to further study at a top graduate program. To provide a few samples, IS topics have included, “The Role of Food and Culture in Chinese Diaspora Communities,” “The Impact of Women's Leadership in the United Nations,” “Animal Minds and Human Language.” When I met with a group of year 2 and year 3 international students, they all expressed their excitement for the start of their IS, describing the research project as a key reason to their decision to matriculate at Wooster. One student explained, “it just seems that Wooster is more about educating its students compared to other colleges.” What is for certain, is that the intellectual capacity of a small college of 2, 000, appears limitless. 



With a history that dates back to 1866, Wooster has a number of quirky traditions, which includes, but is not limited to filling the college’s gothic arch at Kauke Hall with snow. Formerly a Presbyterian college, Wooster has deep Scottish roots that are still reflected in kilts worn by the marching band, and the institutions official mascot, “The Fighting Scotsman.” Some things never change, but the campus is making some significant developments. Still under construction at the time, I was given a tour of the new and impressive Ruth W. Williams Hall, which was designed from the ground up, just like the colleges curriculum, to support the close collaboration between students and faculty.

建于1866年的伍斯特学院拥有不少古怪的传统,比如用雪填满Kauke礼堂的哥特式拱门。作为一所曾经的长老会学院,伍斯特有根深蒂固的苏格兰血统,这点从学院的官方吉祥物“苏格兰战士”和学生游行时穿的苏格兰裙都能看出。有些传统亘古不变,但设施却日新月异,我拜访时学校仍在施工中,崭新的Ruth W. Williams大楼正拔地而起,为伍斯特师生提供更好的硬件条件。

2018. 07.17


Kenyon College

@ 美国俄亥俄州甘比尔市

Traditionally, liberal arts colleges in the northeast have received the most attention, yet it seems that Kenyon College has always been an exception to the rule. Founded in 1824, Kenyon is the oldest of the Ohio-5 colleges, and in both academic rigor, ranking, atmosphere (strong sense of community), and forward thinking ethos, has frequently been compared to a group of colleges, known as “Little Ivies,” of which Williams, Amherst, Colby, Bates, and Hamilton are standard bearers of liberal arts education. 



The location of Kenyon might seem slightly puzzling to a student in China. You may ask, how did a highly ranked liberal arts colleges establish itself in the middle of the Ohio forest? As a history fanatic, I found the origin of Kenyon fascinating and unique. Many of the LAC’s founded in the United States, broke ground for their first academic building in the years following the American Revolution, and as such, were among the first institutions to be established without the support of the British monarchy or aristocracy. Kenyon was the exception. The man behind Kenyon was Philander Chase, the first Episcopal (Protestant Christian) Bishop of Ohio. Desperate to build a college that could train clergyman in Ohio’s pioneer territory, he set off to England in search of financial support. What he found was a smile and a handshake from Lord Kenyon, Lord Gambier, and philanthropist, turned poet, Hannah More. To this day, Kenyon remains affiliated with the Episcopal Church, however, this mainly a historic link and does not play a day to day role in the lives of students. 

中国学生或许会对凯尼恩学院的地址感到不解,为什么这样一所排名顶尖的文理学院要在俄亥俄州的森林里建校?作为历史迷的我发现凯尼恩的起源十分奇妙。美国许多文理学院都在独立战争后开始建校,因此他们是第一批背后没有英国贵族赞助的学校,但凯尼恩学院除外。俄亥俄州第一位基督教新教的主教Philander Chase为了在新开发的领土上开办一所培训牧师的学校,百般无奈下前往英国寻求资助。最终,三个人伸出了援手:凯尼恩男爵、甘比尔男爵、慈善家兼诗人Hannah More。至今,凯尼恩学院仍然与英国教会关系密切,但无需担心会影响学生的日常生活。


There is no doubt that over time, Kenyon has grown in diversity, and influence, beyond the wildest imagination of its original benefactors and founders. Representing all 50 U.S. states, and 45 countries (5% international), Kenyon is a place where students and faculty enjoy each other’s company. While at Kenyon I met a number of international students from Spain, Egypt, Ethiopia, and India, all of whom described Kenyon as exceedingly supportive to the needs of all international students, creating a “home away from home.” The international student body is highly active and takes part in organizing many of the 245 cultural events (films, concerts, lectures, and exhibits) that take place throughout the year. A Kenyon student from Egypt explained, “American students are authentically interested in me and my culture in a way I have never experienced before. This makes for a hugely rewarding cross-cultural exchange. Though we come from different places, we all feel connected here.” And with the opportunity to study at 190 off-campus programs, students have the possibility of understanding the world while on Kenyon’s campus and abroad. 



The curriculum at Kenyon offers 50 majors, minors, and concentrations, while pre-professional advising is offered for anything from architecture to business. With about 15 students making up the average class size, 99% of Kenyon’s professors are PhD holders at the top of their field. The campus is incredibly peaceful, dotted with 19th century gothic stone buildings, state of the art facilities (see the Gund Gallery + Kenyon Athletic Center), and shaded by seemingly ancient oak and maple trees. All students at Kenyon live on campus for all 4 years, and within a 5-minute walk to the village of Gambier, a small town center of quaint shops, owned, and for the most part operated, by the college. The close proximity of all aspects of life at Kenyon creates a tight-knit community where students spend more time connect with each other, and their natural surroundings, before they head to a big metropolis to make their mark on the wider world. 



2018. 07.17


Denison University

@ 美国俄亥俄州格兰维尔市

This summer, Denison University was nationally recognized for the exceptional resources it places in facilitating faculty mentorship of its 2, 150 students. Denison’s new president, Adam S. Weinberg, believes that “mentors see themselves as catalysts for students, encouraging them to ask good questions, develop goals, and learn to achieve. In short, mentorship produces intellectual, and ethical growth. It is central to the learning process.” Through mentorships, students are more prepared for personal growth, and more likely to find success in their careers. While 22% of U.S. college graduates claim to have experienced academic and career mentorship in college, 92% of students at Denison have found such guidance. To build on this, Denison has also begun an “Advising Circles” program in which students meet in small groups to discuss a range of topics , from college life to planning and sharing individual goals. This has helped build a strong community for current Denison’s students and alumni, beyond what most colleges have to offer. 

今夏,丹尼森大学教职员工与2150名学生间的导师制获得了全国的认可。新任校长Adam S. Weinberg认为“导师是学生的催化剂,鼓励他们提问、设定并达成目标。导师制度有助于学术成长和道德成长,是学习的核心”。当仅有22%的美国毕业生声称在大学里获得了学术或职业指导的同时,92%的丹尼森学生已经在享受此项福利了。此外,学院启动了“Advising Circles”项目,让学生小范围地讨论分享各种话题,这还帮助建立起了强大的校友关系网。


When meeting with Denison’s admissions team this summer, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the start of orientation for new students. The class of 2022 makes up the most diverse student body in the university’s history, with an international population of 12%, representing a total 40 countries. As I toured around campus I couldn’t help but think of the emotions international students would feel as they descended upon Denison’s impressive campus for the first time. On a hill, overlooking the small, yet lively downtown of Granville, Denison is surrounded by lush greenery, and is distinct from other Ohio colleges for its ensemble of red brick buildings (in the Georgian vernacular), alongside state of the art facilities, some of which are opening in September 2018. 



The Denison University campus was designed by one of America’s greatest architects, Frederick Law Olmsted, a man who counts New York City’s Central Park, the campuses of Stanford University, and Wellesley Colleges among his other great projects. Handsome, compact, and easy to navigate, Swaysey Chapel’s bell tower marks the center of campus. As part of our tour, we ventured to the top of the bell tower to take part in the distinct honor (once in a lifetime) of ringing the chapel bell. There are over 160 student-run organizations, and one of them is a “somewhat secret society” of students that comprise the Bell Ringing Club in which students are ring the chapels bells 3 times a day during the week. 

丹尼森大学的校园是由美国最伟大的建筑师Frederick Law Olmsted设计的,他的作品包括纽约中央公园、斯坦福大学、韦尔斯利女子学院。在探校时,我们有幸登顶学校中心Swaysey教堂的钟塔,敲响钟声。学校160多个学生组织中有一个神秘的敲钟社团,社团学生每天敲三次钟。


Another highlight of our visit was sharing a delicious dinner with faculty, admissions staff, and current students. This provided an intimate setting for college counselors to ask any further questions and to hear from students about their experiences at Denison. I sat with a professor and student involved in the Arts program where classes take place in spacious studios and classrooms in the recently renovated Bryant Arts Center. Towards the end of our meal, published author and a Denison professor of Creative Writing, read excerpts from her new book, Underground Fugue, before we all walked to downtown Granville for some of Whit’s famous custard (the best I have ever eaten!). 

旅程的另一个亮点是与丹尼森的师生共进晚餐,我的邻座是艺术系的教授与学生,他们谈起在宽敞的艺术工作坊上课的美好体验。创意写作课的教授,也是一位出版作家,还为我们朗读了一段她的新书Underground Fugue节选。饭后我们散步到格兰维尔尝了尝有名的蛋奶甜品,是我吃过最美味的!


When students are busy collaborating with one another and professors it might be easy to forget that Columbus, Ohio, the state’s capital and largest city, is only a 25-minute trip from Denison. A booming metropolis with a thriving tech, arts, and finance scene, many students find incredible job and internship opportunities down the road, quite literally. And let’s not forget that mentorship does not end upon graduating from Denison, as alumni work with graduates to help them find jobs and other fantastic opportunities. So if you are interested in a collaborative community where students combine areas of interest unparalleled at most colleges, Denison might be the place for you.




2018. 07.18


Ohio Wesleyan University

@ 美国俄亥俄州特拉华市

The sun was shining as we pulled into Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU), a liberal arts institution with a stellar reputation for helping students bridge academia with the real world. On the list of Loren Pope’s Colleges That Change Lives, “OH-Woo’s” president, Dr. Rock Jones, expresses that “Never has the world had more need for liberal arts education. The world is more polarized than ever; people are tempted to be narrow-minded, to embrace ideology instead of considering possibility and seeking solutions.” It is with this world view and understanding that OWU forms its mission. 

俄亥俄卫斯理大学以帮助学生搭建学术界与现实世界的桥梁而著称,校长Rock Jones博士说,“世界从未如此需要文理教育,社会正变得前所未有地分化,人们变得思想狭隘,拘泥于意识形态而拒绝考虑其他可能和解决方法”。俄亥俄卫斯理大学的学校使命便是基于这样的世界观价值观。


Are you passionate about global issues? Do you want to become a global citizen in the truest sense? If you meet the admittance criteria, first year students at OWU have the option to enter the Global Scholar program where you are taught in small classes by two professors from separate departments. Connecting topics across all university departments, including fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Global scholars will pursue a major with an international focus, whether in Black World Studies, East Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies, or Latin American Studies. To continue the theme of global citizen, students in the program are expected to study abroad for at least one semester, take a language course, and complete a thesis in their senior year. 



Whether enrolled in the Global Scholar program or not, all OWU students take part in making connections between their choice of study and the wider world. Founded in 2010, Course Connections forms a new facet of the OWU curriculum where faculty put together six networks, one of them being “Crime, Responsibility, and Punishment,” within which classes can be taken in politics, history, philosophy, microbiology, and social science. By making such connections, OWU students learn to think more abstractly, and challenged in the process. It is with these skills that students are able to become successful in real world situations, whether in one of many OWU internship and research offerings or in the years following graduation. 



What makes OWU different is that every stretch of the way, faculty are collaborating with each other, across departments to provide their students with a world class education. Instead of focusing solely on research, and maintaining strict office hours, faculty are constantly building relationships with students, and involving them in their own research, while helping them build their own. Furthermore, new students are greeted by the friendly and supportive culture of the Mid-Western United States. The fast-paced, high-pressure environment in big cities, and large universities is not prevalent at OWU. Of course students craving an urban escape have only a 30-minute drive to Columbus. Everyone is accounted for at OWU. As an admissions counselor explained to me, "It is the kind of place where a professor or fellow student will offer you a place to stay if your flight is cancelled during the holidays." When I asked a British student what they enjoyed most about OWU, he said it was the community, athletic opportunities, and the academic support. This was followed up by, “when I go home for the holiday, I can’t wait to return to OWU. I can’t believe I am saying this, but it is true, sometimes the summer break is too long.”