School Uniform


The Qibao Dwight uniform includes: a long sleeve shirt, a cardigan, a suit jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, a long sleeve polo shirt, a short sleeve polo shirt, a pair of suit paints, a skirt/culottes (for girls), a pair of shorts for boys, a bow tie (for girls) and a tie (for boys).


On formal occasions, students are required to wear uniforms. The formal uniform includes a long sleeve dress shirt, a bow tie or a tie, a suit jacket, suit pants, skirt or culottes (for girls, worn with black tights), and dark colored leather shoes. Formal occasions include the flag raising ceremony on Monday mornings, school assemblies on Friday afternoons, opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, parent meeting, open day and admissions meetings, etc.


On informal occasions, students are allowed to wear the other items of their uniforms as long as the items match well. For example, a student may wear a long sleeve shirt, a cardigan and suit jacket with suit pants. They may also wear a hooded jacket with sweat pants or a sport shirt with sport pants. Also, long/short sleeve polo shirts can match suit pants, sweat pants, skirt/culottes (for girls) and shorts (for boys). But if a student wears the long sleeve dress shirt, he/she must wear a bow tie or tie. If a student wears suit, he/she must wear a long sleeve shirt inside.


Students are required to wear school uniforms properly during the school day (7:20-16:30, Monday to Friday). Mixing school uniforms with personal clothing is not allowed except for the winter time. Considering the low temperature in the winter, students are allowed to wear their own coat or jacket outside of the school uniforms. But a hooded jacket or suit is still required inside their own coat or jacket in the winter.


Students should wear sport uniforms and sport shoes in P.E class.


In classes that require special attire, such as dance or taekwondo, students must dress appropriately according to the policies set forth by the teacher.