Student Activities

In addition to academic studies, students at Qibao Dwight benefit a lot from a variety of extra-curricular activities, including student clubs, art activities, sports competitions, domestic and overseas exchange programs, volunteer programs and guest lectures. All these rich and colorful activities add an extra dynamic to students' campus life in high school.


School clubs are student-led and managed. Club leaders, in cooperation with the club members, set goals at the start of the year and complete reflections and progress reports throughout the year with the CAS coordinator. Current school clubs include robotics, Model UN, business club, news club, and literature club. Many clubs chose to continue working on weekends and other free times and participate in various competitions around Shanghai, and globally.


Electives vary widely, offering students additional outlets to explore arts, music, or further academic areas. Students earn credits for their electives to help fulfill credit requirements for their diploma. Current electives include Jewelry Making, Science of Science Fiction, Newspaper, Yearbook, and Spanish.


Qibao Dwight High School has an incredible athletic program that offers students a variety of opportunities to get involved in sports and other school activities. QDHS is a member of two athletic associations, the Shanghai School Sports Association and the Big XII athletic conference. Students are able to try out for highly competitive teams such as boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls badminton, cross country/track, ultimate Frisbee, boys and girls volleyball, and American football. Sports teams meet 1-2 times a week and have the opportunity to compete against other international schools in Shanghai.