On Saturday, May 29th, 172 students from the class of 2021 will usher in the final stage of their years at Qibao Dwight, the graduation ceremony. In this challenging college application season our graduates still had outstanding achievements in college admissions. Among them, 104 students (60%) got an offer from the US (U.S news) and QS Top 30 universities and liberal arts colleges. 161 students (94%) got an offer from the US and QS Top 50 universities and liberal arts colleges.

Our graduation ceremony was held for the first time on our very own campus. Chairman Qiu Zhonghai graced us with his presence and together with the students, their parents, their classmates and Qibao Dwight teachers enthusiastically participated in the graduation ceremony. Although Blake Spahn, Vice Chancellor of Dwight Schools, and Dianne Drew, Head of Dwight School New York could not be present for the ceremony, they sent us a heartful congratulations video for the students, parents and teachers. Last but not the least, the middle school homeroom teachers of the 8 honorary graduates who received the Chairman’s award were invited for the ceremony not only to witness the growth of their students during the past 3 years at Qibao Dwight but also to thank them for the integral role they played for the transformation of these students.

Graduation Video

Graduation Movie