QD Reporter Recruitment

A host who cannot edit is not a good journalist —— Lilly Zhou

Dear students, the newly-established Qibao Dwight News & Media Center (QDN) is now recruiting student reporters to form a professional media team! All of you (especially Grade 10 & 11 students) are welcome to join us!

Supervisor:Lilly Zhou Jimin (

Qibao Dwight News & Media Center is our school’s official media organization, distinguished from and independent of other students’ clubs and electives. It consists of school website, WeChat, broadcasting and TV station. The school will fully support this program and provide various recourses. Students will also be given certain autonomy to improve their abilities.

Positions available:

(you can apply for more than one):



3.News Editor

4.Broadcaster / Anchor


6.Video Editor

Job Requirements:

1.Good at writing / interviewing / researching / photography / video-making / broadcasting /……

2.has passion for news & media, or is considering it as your possible future career

3.a quick learner with curiosity, creativity, insight, and most importantly a strong sense of responsibility.

4.*better to have experience in related fields (for example, is taking Photography Electives, or is a member of student news club, or has taken part in video-making, yearbook, broadcasting, etc)

5.*better to have multiple hobbies and skills related to news & media.

you can obtain:

1.House points

2.a challenging CAS Project

3.opportunity to visit International Channel of Shanghai at Shanghai TV station.

4.comprehensive professional training which includes writing, interviewing, researching, video-making, broadcasting, anchoring (taught by school teachers or experts such as professional editor, journalist, anchor)

5.access to the freshest official information and opportunity to report major school events.

6.opportunity to do social research and fieldwork. of your copyright, authorship right, and intellectual property rights.

Application Deadline: OCT 31st, 2016

Send your application and brief self-intro to my email Name the title “YOUR NAME + GRADE & HOMEROOM + POSITION(S) YOU ARE INTERETED”. You will receive an interview notice later.

(if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me)

We aim to let every QD reporter become a versatile News & Media worker!

Come join us!



Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
Oct. 26, 2016