Codes of Conduct


Flag Raising Ceremony


All students are to assemble in the Gym with their class by 7:15 am on Monday. Students who are not with their respective classes by 7:20am are deemed to be late.


This school hopes to instill a sense of pride, responsibility and national citizenship in the students and cultivate their awareness and perception of a global vision and patriotism with the flag raising ceremony. With this, the school has established a National Flag Squad which represents the spiritual outlook of Qibao Dwight.


Language on Campus


Qibao Dwight has a relatively unique environment--- It is a community of diverse cultures in which a cross-cultural and multi-lingual education for students is encouraged. We are convinced that by learning a different language the students are provided a strong means with which to learn about other cultures, and the ability to speak a different language engenders a deep respect of its culture. Therefore, teachers, students and other faculty members who speak different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds are encouraged to appreciate each other's capabilities and culture.


Languages of Instruction


The languages in which students are taught at Qibao Dwight are Chinese and English. On the campus of Qibao Dwight, we will resolutely retain and further develop Chinese, which is the mother tongue of most of our students, teachers and staff. In addition, English is also a main teaching language at Qibao Dwight and it is commonly spoken by most school members. It is a language that requires diligent effort by the students to improve. It is for this reason that this school demands its teachers help the students to rigorously practice English as much as possible, particularly during classes. In addition, teachers of every subject are also language teachers because regardless of the differing nature of the subjects they teach, they all involve expressing one's meaning and interacting with others.


Student Language


This school advocates polite language and strictly prohibits the use of vulgar, obscene and foul language among the students.


Use of Internet and Electronic Devices


Qibao Dwight's campus Internet and computer equipment are mainly used for teaching and administrative purposes. Anyone with usage privileges must fulfill the responsibilities for which they are obligated. Anyone using computers on campus and/or school internet must abide by the usage terms and codes of conduct as prescribed by this school.


Disciplinary Violations


All disciplinary violations will be included in the Record of Student Disciplinary Violations (ManageBac) for archiving purposes based on the seriousness of the offense. Every teacher and staff member of Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School is a teacher of moral education with a duty to supervise and uphold school discipline. They have the authority to guide and educate students, and report and record any disciplinary violations.