Qibao Dwight’s name in Chinese, 七宝德怀特, is often abbreviated to “七德”,meaning “seven virtues”, which was chosen after discussion by the first cohort of students and teachers as guiding virtues they aspired to embody and model as they grow through their years Qibao Dwight. They are meant to be lifelong characteristics, to be fostered while studying at Qibao Dwight, and to be carried with them as they embark on their lives ahead.

Our “Seven Virtues” refer to:

QDiscovery is a distinctive teamwork activity in Qibao Dwight. The notion of“teamwork, cooperation, reflection and creativity”is extremely important in studies at school, career development and personal life. QDiscovery is aimed to not only improve students’ English skills and team unity, but also make them deeply understand the “seven Virtues as well as IB Learner Profile. Meanwhile, these activities serve as an important communication bridge between teachers and students. Students will be inspired to share different ideas and get solutions to problems and puzzles in a good atmosphere. QDiscovery is a form of character education. It values the process of learning rather than the result.