QD Seven Virtues


Qibao Dwight High School as a community strongly believes that we are all at our best when our work is guided by carefully selected community values. In our case, these values are the 7 virtues that have been designed by and for this unique, cooperatively run independent school. 


Qibao Dwight in Chinese is pronounced Qi De, which means seven virtues. We hope the whole community can cultivate these virtues not only in their studies but in their day-to-day interactions with people and as their part of their life philosophy. The seven virtues are:



Be sincere, honest and committed. Be fair, just and principled. Be active, enthusiastic and positive. 



Abide by the rules even when no one is watching. Manage, consider, and improve oneself. Seek independence and responsibility. 



For the good of others, be tolerant and aware. Be amiable and considerate. Think with compassion, act with empathy. 



Appreciate others and their cultures. Be proud of yourself and your own. Think critically but with an open mind. Pursue equality, celebrate diversity. 



Participate actively, communicate well, and share ideas. Avoid becoming preoccupied with personal gain and work well with others. 



Intend and aspire to serve society with persistence, perseverance and stamina so you may overcome any difficulties.  



Nurture curiosity and explore the world and future. Embrace imagination and ingenuity. Adapt to change and face challenges with wisdom.