Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School

Scholarship Regulations

General Rules

1. In order to develop a good learning atmosphere and motivate students in their comprehensive development, the regulations for the SQDHS Scholarships have been formulated according to the spirit of the “General Stipulation of Secondary School Student Management” issued by the Ministry of Education, combined with the school’s actual situation.

2. These regulations shall be applicable to full-time students in grades ten through twelve at SQDHS.

3. Scholarships referred in this regulation contain the following five kinds:

1)      The Chairman Scholarship

2)      The Seven Virtues Scholarship

3)      The General Scholarship

4)      The Individual Scholarship

5)      The Outstanding Freshman Scholarship


4. The Scholarship Committee consists of the Principal, Curriculum Department, Students’ Affairs Department, College Counseling Center, and the Administration Department. These departments are responsible for scholarship regulations, establishing scholarship fund raising, assessment of scholarship, and other related matters.

5. The Students’ Affairs Department is in charge of the scholarship assessment organization and coordination.

6. The House Head is responsible for the evaluation of the application.

Award Setting
① The Chairman Scholarship 
7. The Chairman Scholarship is the highest level of school scholarships. It is awarded once every three years at the graduation ceremony.

8. Student must meet one of the following conditions to apply for the scholarship:

1) Have won the General Scholarship for two consecutive years;

2) Have won the title of Seven Virtues Honor Student for two consecutive years;

3) Admitted to an Ivy League School (Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell), Stanford, MIT, Oxford or Cambridge.

9. The Chairman Scholarship is 20000 RMB / person (not concurrent with any other scholarship).
10. The School Chairman will award the scholarship prize and certificate to the winner.

② The Seven Virtues Scholarship

11. The Seven Virtues Scholarship represents the spirit of Qibao Dwight High School. It is awarded once a year at the opening ceremony.  

12. Students must meet the following conditions:

1) Be ranked in the top 50% in academic performance;

2) Represent the spirit of the Seven Virtues by embodying “integrity, self-discipline, kindness, respect, cooperation, creativity, and perseverance”;

3) Be recommended by the Principal or other students for their good deeds.

13. The Seven Virtues Scholarship is 10000 RMB / person (not concurrent with any other scholarship).

③ The General Scholarship
14.  The General Scholarship is awarded to students with outstanding academic performance. It is awarded once a year at the opening ceremony.

15. The General Scholarship is divided into 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for the three grades. The prize and proportion are 1st place 10000RMB/person for 3% of students, 2nd place 6000RMB/person for 7% of students, 3rd place 2000RMB/person for 10% of students.

16. Conditions of General Scholarship

Students Must:

1) Be patriotic, principled, honest and kind to others, as well as strictly obey the student’s code of conduct and school rules.

2) Take an active part in the school activities and community, particularly by being willing to help other students and people in need.

3) Be of good academic performance: the 1st place winner must rank in the top 3% in academic ranking, 2nd place winner must rank top 10%, and the 3rd place winner must rank top 20%.

④ The Individual Scholarship
17. The Individual Scholarship is awarded to students who excel in the areas of sports, arts, social activities, scientific innovation or other category recognized by the scholarship committee.

18. There is no number limitation for Individual Scholarship. The prize amount is 500-1000RMB/person (based on the level of the awards), which is awarded once a year during the opening ceremony.

⑤ The Outstanding Freshman Scholarship

19. The Outstanding Freshman Scholarship is to awarded to those students (Shanghai students) whose grades are higher than 600 on the high school entrance exam and rank in the top 30% in the comprehensive academic performance evaluation during the first school year. The prize is 10000RMB/person, awarded at the opening ceremony of the student’s second year.

Selection Process

20. Application for the General Scholarship and Outstanding Freshman is completed and submitted by the Curriculum Department, assessed by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Principal. Application for the Seven Virtues Scholarship and the Individual Scholarship is completed and submitted by the Students’ Affairs Department, assessed by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Principal. Application for the Chairman Scholarship is completed and submitted by the College Counseling Center, assessed by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Chairman.

21. Assessment of scholarship candidates shall be based on facts and selection of the winners based on quality and appropriateness for the award. All of the scholarships shall be confirmed and made public after the committee assessment.
22. Anyone who has objections can go to Scholarship Committee and the school will respond in 5 working days.

23. Any Scholarship winner who is found to cheat or break school’s rules will be disqualified and the certificate and prize shall be returned. The student will face immediate disciplinary action.

The Principal’s Office has final interpretation of this regulation and will come into effect upon implementation.