Principals' Welcome Speech


Welcome to Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School!

The advent of globalization, the advancement of the Shanghai Educational Internationalization Strategy, the support for education by leaders of Minhang District as well as the shared educational pursuits of Qiu Zhonghai, Former Headmaster of Shanghai Qibao High School and Director Stephen H. Spahn of Dwight School in the US have made the dream of a cross-border educational partnership between these two schools a reality. Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School was founded in February 2014, becoming the first independently-run Chinese-foreign cooperative high school in Shanghai and the first independently-run Chinese-US cooperative high school in China. In August of the same year, Qibao Dwight received our first students with whom we kicked off the first year of Qibao Dwight!

The IB courses offered by the school, which provide students with a comprehensive and personalized learning platform, and students can choose academic courses at different levels in the six major fields of learning, such as language and literature research, language acquisition, individual and social, science, mathematics, and art, as well as three core courses of knowledge theory, monographs and innovative action services. At the same time, the school offers A-level courses, offering students a wider range of options. Combined with the six elements, "Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Wind ", elective course and program courses, students can consider the overall balance of subject areas and the differences of learning ability and interests.

The school has created a platform for diverse cultural exchanges, experiences and practical application allowing its students to apply to study at Dwight campuses in New York, London, Dubai and Seoul for short courses, while earning the corresponding credit points and experiencing the educational and cultural atmospheres and learning styles of different countries. Students can also choose to participate in our overseas exchange programs such as the World Classroom, Dwight Global Concert, Dwight Choir Festival andMUN in Seoul, in whichthey can engage in themed explorations and studies alongside students from all over the world and other Dwight campuses. Other options include participation in cultural exchanges, public welfare programs, charities and other community immersion activities organized by the school with other public organizations, institutions, enterprises and schools.

This school strives to create a warm, "family" atmosphere for its students. Each of the Families consists of Chinese and foreign teachers and students and has its own theme: Aristotle, Buck, Cai Yuanpei, Da Vinci, Emerson, Fan Zhongyan; in every family, each of its members can share with his or her teachers and fellow students their unique ideas, the benefits of their experiences, aspirations and hobbies..., and in every family, its members will become class mentors and partners to each other on their road to growth throughout a whole lifetime.

We hope that you will enjoy a school life brimming with human compassion, equality, fraternity and enlightenment!

This is Qibao Dwight. We welcome you...

Principal: Wang Fang

American Principal: Robert Shields