Student Health

(1) The school health room is open from 6:45 to 21:00 (Sunday 19:00 to 21:00, Friday 6:45 to 15:30).
(2) If a student feels sick during school hours, he/she can inform the health teacher and the class instructor. If he/she needs to go home for rest or hospitalization, he/she can get an "exit slip" to leave school after the school notifies his/her parents or guardians and obtains their consent.
(3) The Health Office will carry out preventive activities according to the characteristics of the seasons and the age of the students, and will do a good job in the prevention of common diseases (including infectious diseases) among students.
(4) If a student develops a contagious disease (such as chicken pox, or a body temperature over 38°C), the health teacher must be notified immediately and the student must be sent to a doctor for treatment and isolation in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Education Bureau. The student must submit the original diagnosis certificate issued by the hospital and the original and a copy of the certificate of resumption to the health office and go to the school health office for a physical examination before resuming school.

Student Insurance

Students can voluntarily participate in the "Shanghai Hospital Medical Mutual Aid Fund for Primary and Secondary School Students and Infants", "Shanghai Urban Residents' Medical Insurance", and "Students' School Safety Insurance" (subject to meeting the conditions of participation)