Our students are guided daily by the Qibao Dwight 7 Virtues of Integrity, Kindness, Respect, Creativity, Tenacity, Cooperation and Discipline.  

Campus life is also shaped by our incredible Student Committee. It is made up of 20 of our most ambitous and energized students. They are creative and determined on behalf of our school and they are empowered to bring about genuine improvements to school life. 

Our extra-curricular programs are ever changing to ensure students feel confident they can access the most interesting and challenging of topics and skills. The House System brings healthy competition and a closer family feel to the school's campus. The pride in House accomplishments on the part of our students is something to behold!

Unique to Qibao Dwight is our 4 Seasons initiative. Every year, we dedicate one season each to the following elements of our students' full lives: World Classroom, Sports, Arts and Academic.