Global Network


Students of Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School can utilize the global education resources of both the Dwight School and Qibao High School international networks. Students will have the opportunity to participate in short-term exchanges with other Dwight Schools over the globe, experience different education approaches and diversified culture; to access the global curriculum resources via online platform; to take part in Dwight School programs over school breaks including New York Carnegie Hall Concert, Seoul MUN program and Theater Arts Festival in London. Students cam also utilize resources of our experienced faculty, curriculum and science lab in Qibao High School.





  • 迪拜(Dwight Dubai)

  • 伦敦(Dwight London)

  • 纽约(Dwight New York)

  • 上海七宝德怀特(Shanghai Qibao Dwight)

  • 首尔(Dwight Seoul)

  • 德怀特云端(Dwight Online)