Four Season Activities


Autumn · Sports Season

To develop habits for a healthy lifestyle and an awareness to regularly engage in exercise, while cultivating a spirit of teamwork among students, Qibao Dwight regards Autumn (September to November) at the beginning of each academic year as its "Sports Season." During this season a variety of sports-related activities will be held, allowing for the rapid integration of all students and providing them with an environment for truly all-round development and a healthy lifestyle.

Activities during the sports season include: School-based basketball/football/frisbee league, lectures on sports-related themes, watching sports competitions outside of school and QD Rush.


Winter · Art Season

To develop artistic sentiments, foster aesthetic and creative abilities, and fully exhibit the vitality, creativity and talent of the students, while creating a diversified and refined artistic atmosphere throughout the school, Qibao Dwight regards Winter (December to February) as its "Art Season". Numerous art related activities will be held during this season with the goal of encouraging the students to showcase their creativity and demonstrate their talents. It also allows them to develop in a truly all-around manner, reflecting the "beauty" in life and creating a unique artistic QD culture.

Activities during art season include: An on-campus graffiti competition, an art exhibition by students and teachers, DIY art experience, art-themed broadcasts and Christmas and new year's parties.


Spring · Academic Season

To strengthen the school's academic atmosphere and develop the academic interests, focus and pursuits among students, Qibao Dwight regards spring (March to May) as its "academic season". Numerous academic activities will be held this season with subject themes including economics, Chinese, mathematics, English and science.

Activities during the academic season include: Economics poster making contest, Chinese idioms contest, mathematics teaching contest, English speech contest and science and environmental protection projects.


Summer · World Classroom

To encourage the students to get out of the classroom and step into the world where they can experience an international vision and be nurtured by various cultures, Qibao Dwight regards Summer (June to August) as its "World Classroom". During this season, Qibao Dwight will lead and organize summer programs with the themes of science and arts and humanities, and encourage students to take part in various activities outside of school such as extracurricular summer camps and volunteer programs.

Activities in the past have included: Biology summer camp at the University of Gottingen, IT summer camp at Stanford University, Science camp at National Taiwan University, summer camp at the ICL Academy for Film and Performing Arts and ESL summer camp.