Our school provides a variety of modern teaching facilities including: subject multi-media classrooms, multi-function classrooms for distance learning, subject specific science laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics equipped to handle IB coursework, computer classrooms for digital media and language instruction, Library Resource Center, multi-functional conference center/theater, indoor gymnasium, student dormitory, cafeteria, outdoor playground and underground parking lots.


Library Resource Center


The library contains over 4,000 books of different genres and more than 8,000 copies, half of which are in English. In addition, the Library Resource Center also provides a range of online resources, including China National Knowledge Infrastructure, Questia School, ProQuest Research Library, eLibrary Curriculum Edition.


STEAM Classroom


The STEAM classroom is equipped with various devices of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math subjects. What’s more, the equipments for astronomical observation and Virtual Reality experience offer students opportunity to maximize their creativity.


Science Lab


Science Lab offers a series of high-tech equipments for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics such as Newtonian reflector, oscilloscope, and Van de Graaff generator.


Art Room


Our Art Studio is fully equipped and hasa laser cutter, printing press, and screen printing equipment.


Photography Classroom


The photography classroom is equipped with an HD projector, three sets of lighting for portrait and still life, and even a dark room.




The indoor gymnasium is furnished by padded walls to ensure students' safety. Students can use the facilities for basketball, volleyball, and badminton practices and matches. Additionally the space is used for dance, yoga, and House competitions.


Athletic Fields


The outdoor athletic field consists of a 200m track, a grass soccer pitch, parallel bars, pull-up bars, and 2 basketball courts. P.E. courses are held on the field as well ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and American football matches. Recreational basketball electives are held in the afternoons on the courts. 




The school cafeteria has two floors and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and night snack every day. Food changes daily with a variety of Chinese dishes offered, supplemented by a selection of western dishes.


Student Dormitory


Students at Qibao Dwight have the option to board or live at home. Dorms are equipped with their own bathroom, air conditioning and ceiling fans. Four students share one room.