For the academic year 2023-2024 please find below the open positions that we will be hiring for:


1. Biology Teacher

2. Chemistry Teacher

3. Economics Teacher

4. English Teacher


1. Supports the School’s Vision, Educational Mission & Seven Virtues

The seven virtues are the measurable outcomes of the School Vision and Educational Mission.

Qibao Dwight’s Vision: “To lay a beautiful foundation for life by igniting the spark of genius in every student.”

Qibao Dwight’s Educational Mission: “To cultivate excellent students who have a global outlook, cross-cultural understanding, a commitment to personal development, and outstanding character.”

Qibao Dwight’s Seven Virtues: Tenacity, Respect, Integrity, Cooperation, Creativity, Kindness, Discipline


2. Teaching & Learning Requirements

a. Teachers are required to have at least 2-years-full-time-experience in teaching 

b. Plans well-prepared written curriculum and engaging lessons in advance of teaching as per the Curriculum Planning and Review Process.

c. Sets, marks, and provides feedback on work in line with the Assessment Policy.

d. Differentiates in accordance with students needs and abilities, particularly with regards to ESL in accordance with the Language Policy and Inclusive Education Policy.

e. Assesses, records and reports on the development, progress and attainment of students in accordance with the Assessment Policy.

f. Plans appropriate intervention for students who require additional learning support.

g. Effectively and appropriately uses digital tools and technology to improve student learning.

h. Understands the Academic Honesty policy and promotes a culture of integrity.


3. Professional Responsibilities

a. Serves as an effective team member in a cross-cultural, bilingual school environment, being sensitive and respectful to different perspectives

b. Arrives punctually to work and lessons:

i. School starts on Monday’s at 7:20am

ii. Tuesday – Friday schools begins at 7:30am

c. Maintains high level of attendance and notifies school of absence and coverage plans in a timely manner as per the Faculty Leave Policy

d. Participates in Professional Development, Monitoring, and Evaluation processes and reflects on one’s professional performance as per the Evaluation Cycle.

e. Supports cover for absent team members when needed including timetable changes.

f. Acts as students Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) advisors.

g. Completes college recommendation letters in a timely manner.


4. Safeguardingtudent

a. Undertakes necessary training related to child protection 

b. Understands the Child Protection Policy and supports its implementation, prioritizing student's safety and notifies appropriate individuals of concerns


5. Additional Responsibilities

Teaching faculty at Qibao Dwight may have additional responsibilities depending on overall teaching load such as

a. Acts as a homeroom advisor lead or assistant advisor for one homeroom.

b. Undertakes morning, evening, weekend or workshop student supervision duties.

c. Teaches an elective, coaches a sport, and supervise student clubs, programs, and CAS experiences