Elective Courses



A varied extra-curricular structure is an important complement to the diversity of campus culture. All the courses are set up with a complete curriculum outline and aim to enrich students’ extra-curriculum experiences and broaden students’ personal horizons.


CAS Experience

All the electives meet the requirements of CAS Experience/ Project. Students are encouraged to choose to either initiate or join the same CAS Experience/ Project as their elective.


Elective Classifications


METAL: Competitions

According to the system of the five elements, metal represents perseverance and change. Much like skills, metal can be honed and tempered. Through competitive practice for self-improvement and confidence our skills can be hardened into a form of high utility. The goal of the metal elemental electives should be to foster competitive spirit, taking of initiative and dedicated training for a goal.


WOOD: Natural Sciences

The school aims to build a small, refined, highly specialized student elective course. We encourage niche electives to compliment the wider school curriculum and promote the use of existing school equipment and profess expertise to help students increase the breadth of their personal experience.


WATER: Individuals and Societies

Xun Zi once said in his book the Classic Canon Tzu: ‘the enormous ocean may not be formed only from the gathering every brook or stream.’ The development of society is deeply bound to individual fates; Equally, personal growth is also the foundation of the social transformation. The goal is to help our students develop their unique interests as global citizens, leverage the local community while still questing for self-realization.


FIRE: Liberal Arts

The goal of fire electives is to inflame the passions of the students. Give them the skills to realise their creativity and plenty of room for experimentation. Fire elemental electives should be the students’ chance to feel the art that burns within us all.

EARTH: Social Sciences

As the Earth bears the metal, wood, water and fire, it can bear all things. The earth(soil) has been regarded as the foundation of everything since ancient times. The goal is to cultivate students' humanistic interconnectedness while maintaining the pace of their own personal endeavor. We hope for them to become multilingual, multidisciplinary giants of action in touch with their communities.


WIND: Athletic and Fitness 

Wind is the only one of our elements that does not come from the Wuxing, but from Ancient Greek philosophy where it represents the breath of life. How fitting that this is also the home of the Olympic Games and the element associated with athleticism in our school. Students can learn to appreciate the fun on the track, enjoy the collaborative effort and practice the good sportsmanship with perseverance, endeavor, and respect. Good sportsmanship, how to be graceful in winning and in defeat, these are the principles Qibao Dwight demands from its athletes.