Award of Diplomas


Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School students have the opportunity to be awarded three diplomas, the Dwight School New York Diploma, the Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  


Graduation Requirements



To obtain a Dwight diploma, students must: 

  - successfully complete grades 10-­12 and meet all subject requirements of the Dwight Diploma

  - receive a final grade of at least 4 (out of 7) for Pre-­DP and IB Subjects and 65% (out of 100%) per course for non-­IB subjects

  - graduate as either a full IB Diploma candidate, an IB courses candidate (no TOK, EE) 

  - participate in official IB Exams in May of their graduation year or internal school-based exams to receive the Dwight Diploma.  

Total credits required for successful completion of the Dwight School Diploma (including minimum 6 credits from 9th Grade): 25  

1.5 additional credits required when pursuing the full IB Diploma resulting in 26.5 (TOK and EE)



To obtain a Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School Diploma, which certificated by Shanghai Educational Bureau, students must:

  - satisfactorily completing the Dwight School diploma requirements

  - also passes four Shanghai Academic Proficiency Exams in Geography, History, Politics and Chinese Language

Additional Credits for Completing the Chinese National Requirements: 3 (Geography, History, Politics)

*Must attend classes, no credit if just take the exam as need to have reflected on the transcript. Classes will appear as honors classes on official transcripts.



To obtain the IB Diploma, students must:

  - complete 6 IB subjects, 3 at a standard level and 3 at a higher level

  - complete the IB Core which consists of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), extended essay (EE) and theory of knowledge (TOK).