Academic Support

1、Academic English

Most of our curriculum is delivered in the English language.  All students in G10 are enrolled in our Academic English programme.  This is a bespoke curriculum that develops their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  In particular, it introduces students to independent research and extended writing in English, and prepares them for the Extended Essay in IB.

2、Subject Competition classes

To development and extend our students, we run subject specific competition classes in Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  Students participate in domestic and international academic competitions which offers a platform for the students to showcase their talent.

3、Subject Workshops

Students learn at different paces and some require additional lesson time to consolidate learning. Teacher consider the individual needs of all students and intervene where necessary. In addition to classroom teaching we have dedicated workshops from Monday to Thursday 16:30-18:00 to support students in English, Science and Math. Where necessary, we offer additional workshops in all other subjects. Prior to examinations we have additional workshop to prepare students.

4、Library Resource Centre

Our Library Resource Center is currently in possession of tens of thousands of books in both English and Chinese, the Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Art, etc. At the same time, we also provide online resources including CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), Proquest, Questia and a variety of high-quality databases in both English and Chinese. Our library staff also provide subject specific research guidance to help students' self-learning. All of the books and electronic resources are available via our online platform Libguides:

5、Academic Support students and parents meetings

The Curriculum Department tracks students' progress on a regular basis. According to students' individual learning performance, we will hold student and/or parent meetings to review student progress and set goals for improvement.

6、One to one support

In the international curriculum students are assessed in many ways. Many teachers provide one-on-one meetings to give students personal guidance. This differs from subject to subject and according to assessment needs.

7、Global visitors support

We have a network of global expertise available to support student learning.  We draw upon a large pool of professionals – with many years of experience as educators and IB workshop leaders – to support students with assignments, subject content, skill development and review.

8、Elective enhancing

We have a cluster of electives designed to support student scientific research and literacy improvement. Students get the specific guidance on the process of conducting an individual research projects from their teachers and have access to the world-class laboratories to implement their experiments through our university partners.