Visual Feast Presented by Julian de Hauteclocque Howe


10D Rachel Zhang

On the 17th of March, QDHS welcomed our guest, Julian de Hauteclocque Howe, who is an expert in art direction and photography. Mr. Howe gave a lecture that can be aptly described as a visual fest to G10 and G11 students in turn.


Julian describes himself as a son of Asia. He was born in Japan and attended his primary school in Hong Kong. An awareness of cultural contrasts between east and west was created by his surroundings. Julian’s works constantly showcase his understanding of cultural contrasts.




The story of Julian’s work, Little Mermaid, is more than just romance. After the completion of Little Mermaid, Julian invited the Prince of Denmark to grace his exhibtion. To his suprise, the Prince agreed to attend his exhibition! The mermaid, although an Asian mermaid, finally realized her dream to see the prince. “It is a chance of a million,” Julian said. Although it is a chance of a million, we should at least have a try. Try your best and with a bit of luck, destiny will play its part.


There is a black-and-white picture called Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Show. Behind the scene, models are far less distant than they are on the show. Julian’s works strive to express the lives of models after they step down from the runway. When asked why he used black and white, Julian answered, “I love black and white when color doesn’t have a meaning.” Indeed, people will be easily influenced or distracted by the color to some extent. The concept of distinguishing between primary secondary colour can be applied not only in pictures, but also in other fields.


“Every day is a battle, but every day is a reward.” With the end of the lecture, we have also to the end of the week.


Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
March 20th. 2017