Winter Holiday Experiential Learning


10C Tony Tang


Winter holiday is not a short holiday, and apart from learning TOEFL techniques, I also participated and learned a lot about other things.

To start off, I’d like to share my journey to London with you. I went to London this winter holiday with one of my father’s friends to see some education projects and schools. We travelled from school to school, we visited Cambridge Perse School that has over 30% of their graduates entering into Cambridge and Oxford, North London Collegiate School that has 60%, Tonebridge School which has 25%. It’s really exciting to learn about and see those elite schools and get an understanding about their school concepts and their profound studying environment. That motivates me a lot. I also went to the British parliament and learned about the British parliament debate from Mr. Jeffery, a member of the house of Commons. As a person who is fond of debate, it’s quite impressive.




Another significant experience was that I learned how to write my own autobiography, and through the process of writing I got to dig deep into myself so as to reflect on the past and perceive my personality as a whole. I thought it was an easy task at first yet it turned out to be difficult since there’s so many things to talk about. It is hard to decide which topic can best represent yourself and avoid having nothing that you can write about. That time was hard yet I enjoyed it so much, you need to do multiple drafts of your autobiography but it’s such a pleasure to perceive your personality and train your writing skill. After several days of training I found that to expressing myself on paper became easier and that the details in our world can be beautiful.

In addition to that, I participated in the contest of CTB in winter, and me and my teammates really worked on the project that we decided to focus on. CTB, namely called China Thinks Big is a contest that you get to choose a topic and work out our solution towards it. Our topic was: “How to spread technological knowledge to the public. We worked hard on the research and did public surveys. We stayed up late till the midnight to work on the paper. Well, just a bit of advertisements, we are going to hold an activity about spreading food-related technology tomorrow 4—5:30 pm.

In a nutshell, I have moved through a quite fulfilling winter holiday, and since the new semester has come, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started to handle the “enjoyable” IB.


10D Angel Xu


Experience in Columbia University Workshop

To begin my speech, I would like to ask you a question—has your mom once told you that “You should be kind to others, so there will be people helping you”? For so long time, I, as an innocent child, casted no doubt on it. Well, two weeks before,I got a valuable chance to think about and analyze it critically, to see whether it is a true, or, an alternative fact.

It was during the winter holiday, I led my team called T.P.O. to attend a social science workshop held by Columbia University. We got enrolled since our 10-page paper was selected in the qualifying round. In the three-day workshop, I learned the basic knowledge about how to design an experiment to investigate a certain social topic and then put it into practice with my team. Finally, we delivered a presentation on the findings we got.


This workshop flabbergasted me from three aspects.

First of all, I finally have a real taste of social science by listening to a college-like lecture (not TOEFL listening any more!). I learnt what is a confederate, what is social norm, how a manipulation is designed. Guided by professional and experienced scholars, I suddenly got the identity of a social scientist and came up with a promising experiment from scratch.

Secondly, during these days, I interacted with students from other schools. I witnessed their dedication and outstanding notions, which changed me to a great extent. Learning to be natural or even hilarious in a speech, learning to be proactive to speak up and learning to be an inquirer, a critical thinker, I was driven by them; always to cast doubt on the result we got and always to explore more, I continuously broke through my limit to approach excellence.

Thirdly, as a leader, I felt deeply that responsibility was an opportunity, but also a toughing, bringing me the coming-of-age and warmness. On the presentation day of the workshop, there came the trouble I never expected of. One of our teammates had acute gastritis and felt very sick early in the morning. We gave up going to the morning session of the workshop and accompanied him to go to the hospital in Suzhou. Just to picture the situation a little bit. We, five teenagers, roamed in the hospital, finding the place for intravenous drip as well as taking turns to practice the presentation in front of the doors of the hospital. That day made me feel particularly lucky to be in a warm team and learned to be more caring.


Recalling the first time I knew this activity, I felt unsure whether I should do it or not since it was very challenging, and finally I did it. Today, standing at here, I want to do far more than just sharing an interesting academic activity. Most importantly, I would like to say, “Always to experience! To experience the things you desire but not dare to do before!”

Hope that all of us will discover our potential in this Academic Season!

Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
February 20th, 2017